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As a FEET  Sponsor 

We really need your input for a very genuine Project that will impact on the people of Brighouse, Elland, and Halifax . Are you a Gardening Centre  We need  Plants and features to impact Scented & Coloured Plants , Features   Gardening Equipment , Bird feeders, Benches  or anything you can help us with  Timber Merchant or Builders Merchant We need Timber & Aggregate to make  short pathways, features and benches.Are you a Printer Can you help us with Print Work Press & Media coverage and publicity for our events and work

As FEET Volunteer 

FEET would really like to involve everyone  from all sectors of the Community that means we need you , whether a skill or your time . If you are a Gardener - Help us at the Brookfoot Garden , Or Have Spare time Volunteer to tend our fund Raising Book Stall , Are you a Carpenter - we need some interpretation Display Stands Are you a  Builder help with basic brick repair or Pointing or feature 

As a FEET Member

As a member your Support is Priceless  your annual subscription will help fund essential central FEET operating costs and keep us going -  knowing that you not only achieve all the Member  benefits below ,
but Contribute to the seeding our (i)) Winter Bird Feeders over 7 Sites and sustaining our  small birds , (ii) Support the delivery of Environmental Education Programme and events, (iii) Support our Rights of Way Consultee work with Local Authorities preserving our rights of way Networks and MANY other aspects of our conservation work including recording the Biodiversity of our Plants and Animals to achieve
  • Access to All Group Activities & Walks
  • Quarterly Newsletter every 3 months
  • Access to knowledge for Identification & Information, Publications 
  • Access to Members Only Site   http://feetmembers.blogspot.co.uk/ to Post your comments observationa and Pictures
  • On receipt of subscription you will receive an email for your invite to the  members pages

What We Do and How We Do It ?

In our 15th This year will be a particularly challenging year to fund our organisation in austere times and meet our core values

  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Environmental Education
  • Biodivesity Recording
  • Rights of Way Enhancement
  • Heritage and History of our Recording Sites


Please see are Past Events currently being Uploaded to this New Platform

As always our Winter bird feeding programme demands seeds . Currently we have 8 Sites where annually we deposit between 125 -250 Kg of Wild Bird  Food meeting aspects of our conservation programme

*** Deployment Only Not Public Viewing Areas Seed Weights & Cost

Table 1
                   Site 1       Site 2       Site 3     Site     4         Site  5        Site    6

2010          16 kg       19 kg       19 kg        20 kg          11 kg         9 kg
2011          14 kg       17 kg       19 kg        17 kg          14 kg         8 kg
2012          12 kg       21 kg       18 kg        18 kg          13 kg         5 kg
2013          11  kg      19 kg       17 kg        22 kg              -             4 kg
2014          15 kg       20 kg       18 kg        21 kg          19 kg        11  kg

Table  2

Donations & Recycling from Local Car Boot Sales assist the provision of Funding Basic Expenses of the Trust however this is a big struggle in terms of Storage , Time etc. Our basic Operational  Costs Include Administration , Insurances , General Transport and other legal requisites

As always we struggle to invest in motorised Wheel Chairs to include all users in our delivery programme .

We are currently producing a Report On Cromwell Bottom that will provide the basis of Application to Natural England to have Cromwell Bottom LNR designated as a SSI ( Site of Scientific Interest ) . In order to make this accessible and available to local people and naturalist alike it will require some investment in Print Forfilment

The Lock House Projects

We are particularly pleased to involve the CRT - The Canal Rivers Trust in our Conservation work at Cromwell Bottom LNR and Elland Wood SSI. for a number of reasons. FEET share a number of common aspirations with the CRT (i) Widening participation and promoting the Access along Canal Towpaths  (i) promoting the balance of Freshwater Natural History (iii) Understanding  promoting and engaging the wider community . The operating footprint of FEET

The Lock Houses - A Matching Pair !!!!

                                                       Brookfoot Lock Cottage

 Elland  Lock Cottage

Both Lock Houses although situated about a Mile apart provide FEET with an opportunity to provide Forward operating Bases at Cromwell Bottom LNR and Elland Wood SSI. and at the same time promote FEET and the CRT. we very much hope that this is the begining  of a very productive relationship for both organisations 

The Use of The Lock Houses

Bringing back to life these Lock houses and giving them a purpose in the Community is a major achievement in itself and we have thank those within the CRT for having the vision to see this .

Ticking All The Boxes

We hope to put 2 Information Points  High Quality  Notice Boards promoting the work of Both the CRT and FEET and distribute the Canal & River Trust  literature ( Events , Volunteering ). The Cottages will have Poster Displays aiding Identification of Birds , Fish  , Wild Flowers of Canal & Wayside and 

The Brookfoot Wildlife Garden - Cromwell Bottom LNR with the assistance of Calderdale MBC.  The area the rear of Broofoot Lock we hope to vastly improve with special impact for Schools  Abled and Disabled Users 

Natural History Events & Field  Study Days .For our first event we are hoping to give a day event  Presentation to Yorkshire Archaeology -  The History of The Calder & Hebble Navigation - and this would be a major achievement to undertake at the Lock Cottage itself . FEET are currently putting together a full and packed programme For Winter Days !!

Events & Guided Walks Our organised events and guided walks largely due to our expertise has proven popular and based on the first two deliveries ( which despite not being publicised where filled )

Rotational & Permanent Displays Photographs form local Photographers , Artists and a Small but developing section dealing with Historic Photographs and Artefacts relating to the Calder & Hebble Canal of interests to Canal Boat Owners & Navigators




The Trusts recently made Robinson MV 120 W Moth Trap & genrator means we can survey remote for Moths in a varieyt of habitat situations

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