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Cromwell Bottom LNR - A Guide to the Biodiversity & Natural History of the Reserve

What is It ?

It is a full  illustrated Guide to Cromwell Bottom LNR and its Natural History. You can find out more by clicking . The Guide currently runs at 110 A4 pages Cromwell Bottom LNR - A Guide to Biodiversity & Natural History of the Reserve

                                  Cromwell Report

How Do I Get It ?
A copy can be obtained by  the 7 Payment on the Donation Button Below. On receipt of payment we will send you an email specific link and user licence  which will allow you to download the report

What Can I do With It ?

Read , Enjoy Explore the Natural History of Cromwell Bottom pr simply use it as an educational resource for recreation or schools

Whats In It ?

FEET are pleased to announce the Publication of a Guide to the Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve . The cost of Publication which is a not for profit work will assist FEET in the delivery of our work with schools and essential equipment as well as funding the cost of paper printing . The cost of Publication in PDF format is £ 7.00 .  The work contains Maps , Diagrams , ID Matrices for all Classes of Organisms as well as a detailed over view to the Habitat Mosaics. A licenced document will be sent with a Password to enable it to be opened and read . An Account of the History , Geography , Geology of the reserve gives a clear overview of LNR . The work also has colour Matrices to help you Identify , Hoverflies , Shieldbugs  &  Nymphs , Ladybirds & Larvae, Dragonflies , Plant Galls , Butterflies. Each of the Compartments is described and cross-referenced  and described . Please register your interest by emailing You may also preview a document over view by clicking the red link belo    Payment  May be made securely through Paypal , in person etc . On receipt we will providea link to Download  Payment  May be made securely through Paypal , in person

For More See Description (Click Link Below)

Cromwell Report

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