Spring Study Group Topics 2015

With Spring fast approaching I am listing  areas that FEET and members can focus on that have not been recorded or need further imaging or work Cromwell FEET Study Group

Springtails - probably one of the most difficult nacro challenges we may run a work shop for this ( Finding Identifying and Photographing if demand makes session worthwhile ) Collembola (springtails) are small animals, generally 2-3 mm in length. The smallest springtails are only 0.2 mm in length, the largest springtails reach about 8 mm More About   We will likely collect leaf litter and use a Tulren Funnel and heat lamp which should yield springtails, mites and pseudoscorpions

Aphids  Again probably not recorded well but another great Macro challenge quality imaging to aid identification is probably at the limit of good photography

Brypophytes Again a lot of species needing specialist imagng and difficult to ID

Beetles are an ongoing project and we would like to shadow Mike s original Beetle Work at Cromwell through the years to see what populations have survived been lost or remain established

The Andrena ( Solitary Bees)are a challenge a the best of times with more than 300 Andrenas in the Genus it would be a useful exercise to extend the Hymenoptera list outside the Norm viz Nomadic and Other parasitic Bees

Sawflies , Hoverflies ongoing and these reflect an area that needs  particuraly recorded and one of Cromwells Strong points Invertebrates of Submerged and decating wood which is currently not being left alone by CBWG

Craneflies and Harvestmen to complete a full list for the reserve

Moth Nights I am hoping to get a trap session out at least once a week at Cromwell

Simple Bird Song Recording

Many Finds at Cromwell have now been added to the Uk Wildlife Site  which is a useful reference for much of the entomology in Calderdale and Cromwell

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