Forthcoming Events 2016

FEET will be Presenting a series of Short Open talks and workshops as part of the Winter Programme in  the following areas. All Talks will be illustrated with Pictures and Sound . Tea and Coffee is available. Please Bear With this Page Whilst We Finalise Dates And Times . The likely Venue will be at Cromwell House  TBC on a Wednesday cirac 7:00 pm

In the meantime if you are  interested in attending any of the Talks and Presentations Could you please drop email to confirming your interest or Contact (0793)   1717608. The Programme is run to support the charitable work of  the FEET group . It is open to all ages and abilities and hope it is enjoyable and varied.

Dates and Times to TBC

01 " History and Heritage Of The Calder and Hebble Navigation "

Canal Boat 13687 BCEF00

The Presentation Slideshow will run aprox for 1 Hour
Aims -
  • A Brief introductory to the Calder and Hebble Navigation 21,5 miles running from Sowerby Bridge to Wakefield with general reference to the industrial archaeology and industrial revolution ,
  •  Overiew and other features of Historic interest Boats Barges and lock Houses together with other navigation features
  • A Virtual tour of the Canal Route in pictures from Wakefield to Sowerby

02 Beginners Recording Bird Song

The aim of this session is to provide knowledge and skill using very basic and inexpensive methods to produce simple field recordings. Some Basic Computer skills would assist but the worksshop aims to get you up and running. The recordings below where made on Cromwell Bottom LNR

The Work Shop on the evening is  in three Parts
  • Use of Simple Hand Held Recorders which can be obtained for around a tenner from a number of sources We will have two or three available to use on the day
  •  The Transfer of the recording to a PC using a piece of Software  Called Audio to converts into MP3 format
  • Using a Free Site Like Sound Cloud to upload  your results or share on your blogs Twitters or other Web Media
  •  Depending on when the session is run we will acquire samples to process and practice the technique
  • Part of the Workshop will cover some basic theory of Bird Song

03 British Hoverflies Ladybirds & Shieldbugs 

A Large Subject Area   On the Hoverflies Shieldbugs and Ladybirds with particular reference to Cromwell Bottom LNR . This talk will also provide tips on finding and photographing them and understanding their Natural History . The last two Groups are particularly good photographic subjects by and large sedentary

Helophilus pendulas 8413

04  The Natural History of Cromwell Bottom LNR

This illustrated Talk will cover many aspects  of the Natural History Geography Geology Myths and Legends of the Nature Reserve . In the pictoral overview we will describe the Habitat Mosaics and the Flora and Fauna found on the three River  loops making up the LNR . In this session we would like to promote understanding of reserve and its diverse form and would encourage questions from all those attending We will touch on its very Un-natural History to its evolution into one of Calderdales best sites of Wildlife Importance 

Sunset 2280

CB Map FEETxxflat

05 Wildflowers Trees & Galls Of Cromwell Bottom 

In this session we will focus on the flora that can be seen throughout the Reserve including some of the Many Galls that are found on trees. The presentation will give a colourful pictoral overview of the botany throughout the seasons and why it is seen where it is  and is a great precusror to the Spring and Summer Wild Flower Events . Galls are often puzzling and can be caused byu a number of things ranging from Wasps Sawflies Fungi or Mites . Find out more about what cause them and how to recognise them

Early Purple Orchid 5792

05 " Regular Moth Trap events in The Evening& Morning Catch Identifications"



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